“Winning Angel Investments Presentation”

“Winning Angel Investments Presentation”

Apr 30th, 2012 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM @ ventureLAB

“Winning Angel Investments Presentation”

The “Winning Angel Investment Presentations” workshop is intended for entrepreneurs seeking to create Angel Investor interest and excitement in their early-stage company.

The eight hour session presents a straightforward approach to generating Angel interest, credibility and excitement from the Content of “the Pitch”, and then illustrates how to leverage that positive reaction by ensuring that the presenter’s Style fits the Angel profile for desirable investment partners.

Following the approach, defined in the workshop, and then practiced in multiple Break-Out sessions, future presenters to Angel groups will learn, in advance, what information to include and equally importantly, what to exclude from their “twenty minutes on stage”, as well as what topics to emphasize during those precious moments.

The “Winning Angel Investment Presentation” workshop, sanctioned by York Angels and designed by Ron Smith, a participating Angel investor and member of York Angels, was created after viewing more than two hundred early-stage presentations and listening to the subsequent reactions of his fellow members.  Over the years, Ron noticed that the majority of entrepreneur presenters were unnecessarily losing the interest of their angel audience by over-emphasizing their secret sauce, by omitting to convincingly explain how their team would make the business profitable, and even sometimes, by practicing  the annoying behaviours of evasion, exaggeration and misrepresentation.

Following their attendance at this workshop, entrepreneurs will be fully aware of the perspectives and decision criteria of Angel investors and, thus, be able to prepare and deliver their messages more effectively and successfully!

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