ventureLAB™ evaluates Grade 3 entrepreneurs in action

Our corporate responsibility to support the future entrepreneurs- ventureLAB™ evaluates Grade 3′s in action

By Brigitte Sharpe, Communications and Community Outreach Manager at ventureLAB™, York Region’s innovation centre 

We work hard here at ventureLAB™ to help entrepreneurs bring their innovation technology to market in the ICT and Life Sciences sectors.  So we get to meet lots of like minded  innovative people.

How about grade 3 innovators?

Recently, I had the great fortune  to attend a “technology” workshop hosted by the St. Patrick Catholic School in Markham. The difference with this workshop is that it was not a room filled with adults, but children in grade 3.

It is widely held that that individuals need to be exposed to entrepreneurism at an early age; ideally it should begin at the kindergarten/elementary level and needs to be continued throughout their education. The award-winning SAE International’s “A World In Motion®” (AWIM) program brings science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to life right in the classroom – beginning from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. The AWIM is a teacher-administered, industry volunteer-assisted program. Benchmarked to the national standards, AWIM incorporates the laws of physics, motion, flight and electronics into age-appropriate hands on activities that reinforce classroom STEM curriculum.

Shock and awe

Watching this  workshop in action, I was amazed. The program itself was brilliant, the children were engaged and were understanding engineering concepts without even realizing, and the facilitator was spectacular – can you imagine – 24 children excited about the momentum they have created with a paper car, which they built using adhesive, wheels and axles , a balloon and a tube.  The name of the workshop – Balloon Jet Toy Car – said it all for them. They learned about momentum, kinetic energy and the value of testing. This is how the program moves toward fostering special initiatives and partners.

I saw students learn to work as a team with their classmates and apply creative problem solving during the activities. With the support of many, as“A World In Motion is widely adopted, huge widows of possibilities will open for thousands of students. Discovering the exciting application of science principles will lead  to learning about rewarding engineering, science and technical careers. No doubt our world will need these young professionals.

In my opinion, it is our corporate responsibility to support the future entrepreneurs. At  ventureLAB™  we are  always looking for where future entrepreneurs will come from- we take  this search very seriously.

World In Motion®” (AWIM) is one such platform.  I saw it in action, I congratulate them.  Well done.

If you know of more programs like this one, please feel send me the details and we will check it out.

Brigitte Sharpe
Communications and Community Outreach Manager
p: 905 248 2735 Markham Convergence Centre


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