Happy Canada Day from the ventureLAB team! It’s going to be a hot weekend, going up to 40+ Celsius with the humidex! Stay cool out there, friends. We’ve picked some Made in Canada companies you should read about in the comfort of your air conditioned home.

Ooblex is an AI platform designed to be accessible and ready out-of-the-box for any scale of AI software or hardware application, specializing in dynamic cloud and local computing. Founded in 2017, Ooblex runs on IBM Cloud and local hardware to provide real-time live video AI processing out of the box.

ACTO is an AI-powered field sales training platform for Life Sciences companies. The company enable their sales reps to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people and commercialize the drugs and medical devices faster in the market. ACTO was selected as a finalist for NACO’s Most Promising Startup of the Year, and the company’s CTO, Kumar Erramilli, is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

inField Solutions
InField Solutions is an integrated platform designed for organizations with field resources to standardize how they work and maximize the visibility of their people, assets, vehicles and equipment. InField was a winner for CDMN’s Get There Program in New York and was recognized by CIOReview magazine as “20 Most Promising Field Service Solution Providers in 2017.”

Elucid Labs
Elucid Labs is a MedTech startup using AI to outsmart cancer. It aims to democratize AI-powered point-of-care medicine by performing digital biopsy. They have been recognized as one of the province’s Top AI Emerging Companies to Watch and is building the world’s first AI-powered computational imaging device capable of detection and diagnosis of key diseases, eliminating the need of invasive procedures for diagnosis and treatment planning. Elucid Labs was also recognized as a CIX Top 20 company in 2017.

4PAY is a technology-enabled social enterprise. 4PAY’s CloudABM platform uses blockchain technologies connects to existing banking networks and settles transactions as an ATM transaction from a consumers’ device into participating banks. 4PAY enables banks to offer unbanked services including agency banking in remote regions, unbanked merchant services, and virtual credit cards on demand. 4PAY applies proprietary data analytics to extract key user attributes to assist banks to evaluate the user-conversion opportunity from unbanked to banked.