We have some exciting news to share – ventureLAB has joined HubSpot for Startups!

If eligible, you can apply to receive the startup-friendly pricing to HubSpot’s growth stack software package (all-in-one CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Services plans). ventureLAB startups are eligible for startup-friendly pricing from HubSpot based on your program fit:
(For current HubSpot customers: this applies to new Hubs only)

  • Seed: year 1 @ 90% off,  year 2 @ 50% off,  year 3+ @ 25% off for startups who have raised less than $2M in funding. Apply here.
  • Series A: year 1 @ 50% off, year 2+ @ 25% off for startups who have raised more than $2M in funding (either Series Seed or Series A within the last 12 months) Apply here.
  • HubSpot for Entrepreneurs: year 1 @ 30% off, year 2+ 15% off. For companies that have scaled past Series A. Apply here.

Weekly HubSpot Demo: Join a live demo to understand how thousands of startups grow and scale with HubSpot. Register here.

Network: Join the exclusive HubSpot for Startups Partner Slack Channel for access to marketing and sales best practices, growth resources, and network with the startup ecosystem globally. Join here.

Education: Learn Sales, Marketing, and Services best practices from HubSpot’s Academy for free.

Upcoming: Building your Flywheel with HubSpot: Thursday, March 21, 2019, 8:30 – 10:00 A.M.

Questions? Please reach out to Lisa ([email protected]).