Two weeks ago ventureLAB had the opportunity to host ventureLAB Board Chair Karna Gupta for a discussion about Capital, and the conversation quickly turned to what to expect when building a globally viable Canadian company.

Karna has a rich history of building tech companies in Canada, from Certicom to ITAC, and his work as an advisor through ventureLAB. This interview comes from our monthly event series focused on Capital, Talent and Tech, led by ventureLAB President and CEO Jeremy Laurin.

Karna touched on a lot of great points about the differences in investment practices from country to country, and provided a lot of insights for Canadian companies to be mindful of when seeking investment and funding.

Karna Gupta with Jeremy Laurin at the ventureLAB Capital Talent Tech event series

The conversation engaged entrepreneurs from many stages of business and prompted questions about the health-care industry, how health tech companies should be approaching hospitals for procurement and trends in investment.

Watch the video now!

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