Capital, talent, technology. What do these three words mean to entrepreneurs and successful businesses everywhere?

Well, everything.

They are the three main drivers that ultimately build successful global companies and it is for that reason ventureLAB has shifted its strategic focus around content curation, programming and events to focus exclusively on these three areas.

Whether an established company or a startup company, when choosing a location to build a business the decision will no doubt be in strong part because of the site locators and founders. It is imperative to spend significant time in the location to determine if, in fact, the ground is ripe and fertile with these three critical elements.

Capital, Talent, Technology. Three critical elements that support innovative business growth.

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Here in York Region we have 65,000 high tech workers spread across 4,400 global multinationals that call our region home. The Region has the lowest crime rate in Canada, and Markham is the most culturally diverse community in Canada. In addition, York University and Seneca College have teamed up to build the only expansion post-secondary institution in the county, the York/Seneca campus in Markham will open its doors to students in the fall of 2021.

Finally, ventureLAB works with over 400 tech startups and scale ups each year and to date has helped over 90 companies gain access to capital to the tune of over $65M. Of these firms served, they employ over 580 people!

So, bringing your business into York Region means Talent , Capital  and access to the best Technology √ in the Country

Come see us and learn more about how ventureLAB’s curated programs can help you scale your business.

About ventureLAB

ventureLAB exists to support innovative entrepreneurs building scalable tech businesses. With tailored programming focused on Capital, Talent, Technology, ventureLAB is advancing York Region’s innovation economy on a local, national and global scale. Acting as Creative Directors for the IBM Innovation Space – Markham Convergence Centre inside the IBM Canada Headquarters, ventureLAB manages 30,000 square feet, housing over 30 tech companies and 200 tenants.


Jeremy Laurin

President & CEO, ventureLAB

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