ventureLAB @ Collision

ventureLAB @ Collision – May 20-23

Join ventureLAB at Collision from May 20-23, North America’s fastest-growing tech conference! We’ll be in two areas at the conference: #YRTech Experience Pavilion and in the conference’s BETA section with a Startup Island in collaboration with Innovation York.


#YRTECH Experience Pavilion

We’ll be in the #YRTECH Experience Pavilion (#E172) alongside a few tech companies and innovation partners! 

Are you headed to Collision? We’ll have our Venture Growth team on hand and ready to meet you! 

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We’re excited to have two companies joining us in the #YRTech Experience Pavilion:

ForaHealthyMe (FAHM) has been a ventureLAB client since 2014. FAHM is creating virtual care solutions focused on improving patient access to care and remote health care delivery. FAHM’s solutions include virtual rehabilitation, virtual consults, motion tracking analytics, and virtual classrooms. The FAHM Mental Health Virtual Care solution has been proven to address behavioral issues related to stress, anxiety and depression. Access to health care is an increasingly important issue in Ontario, and FAHM’s solution can help patients in remote or rural areas access care.

Intelense uses advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cloud, and Computer Vision to solve every day problems faced by the government, the public, and private corporations. The advanced technologies that serve as the three pillars of our product are AI, IoT and Smart Cloud. The combination of these technologies has the potential to address crucial issues faced by both the public and first responders on a daily basis.


Startup Island

ventureLAB and Innovation York are also partnering on a Startup Island – meet four of our top up-and-comers in the conference’s BETA section.

Taku Labs

TAKU Retail is a cloud-based ERP for multichannel retail that turns point-of-sale from a cost center into a profit center. Find additional revenue using your own data, reduce your costs and react quickly to in-store and online market opportunities from one platform on any device. Built on deep retail and wholesale experience, our next generation POS platform allows merchants to truly leverage data from every channel to grow their business.

Marion Surgical

Marion Surgical is working with surgeons from around the globe to build a genuinely next-generation suite of surgical simulators. Through virtual reality, Marion Surgical enable surgeons to learn, collaborate, practice, and share procedures in a realistic, safe, cloud-hosted environment.

peerScholar (Cogneeto)

peer Scholar is an online peer- and self-assessment tool that helps to develop and assess students’ 21st Century skills. peer Scholar allows students to share assignments easily, to get anonymous peer feedback, and to reflect on personalized feedback. It also allows for revisions, reflections and self-assessments.


HEXA builds mobile computer systems that improve customer and employee experience. With the philosophy of “efficient tablets for efficient operations,” HEXA is number one custom-device manufacturer in North America. These systems are curated and customized to fulfill the exact requirements of our clients for an impactful and easy integration of technology into operations.

We hope to see you at Collision!