On June 27, the Government of Canada announced the appointment of six new Directors to the Board of Export Development Canada (EDC). EDC helps Canadian companies grow and succeed in their international business.

Amongst those appointed is ventureLAB’s Chairman of Board of Directors Karna Gupta. Karna is a well-respected and seasoned high-technology executive with 35+ years’ experience. His expertise and accomplishments span across North American and International business domains as President & CEO of both private & public companies.

Martine Irman, Chair of EDC’s Board of Directors says: “We welcome the new Board Directors who are joining us at a critical time in today’s evolving trade environment. Together, they bring the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that EDC can help grow Canada’s export trade and support Canadian businesses today and well into the future. I am also pleased to state that with these appointments, our external Board membership is gender balanced—a significant milestone that reflects EDC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

The new appointees replace several long-serving directors, including Mr. Jacques Boivin, Mr. Jeff Burghardt, Mr. Herbert M. Clarke, Mr. Vikram Khurana, Mr. Jason Stefanson, and Mr. Jeffrey Steiner.

Incoming Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Pierre Boivin (Sainte-Foy, Quebec)
  • Mr. Karna Gupta (Oakville, Ontario)
  • Ms. Andrea Stairs Krishnappa (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Ms. Karen MacWilliam (Wolfville, Nova Scotia)
  • Mr. Pierre Matuszewski (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Ms. Kari Yuers (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Re-Appointed Board of Directors:

  • Ms. Heather J. Culbert, Vice-Chair (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Mr. Lindsay Gordon (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • Mr. Elliot Lifson (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Mr. Robert S. McLeese (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Ms. Darlene Thibault (Laval, Quebec)


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