York Region has a thriving, connected health tech cluster, attracting start-ups and scale-ups from across Ontario. It is home to over 300 life sciences and health technology firms. The region is home to three world-class hospitals and one of Canada’s largest diversified home health companies, who are bridging technology and health care to achieve better patient outcomes. ventureLAB works with these organizations to drive innovation, commercialization and thought leadership, working together with hospitals, health care organizations, and strategic partners to improve health care and experiences for Canadians.

This week, meet some of our companies:

ForaHealthyMe featuring Courtney Cole, Founder and CEO

Marion Surgical featuring Ben Sainsbury, CEO

Alaya Care featuring Adrian Schauer, Founder and CEO

Studio 1 Labs featuring Edward Shim, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Quala Care featuring Alex Oosterveen, Co-Founder and CEO

ventureLAB has supported close to 350 health tech ventures since 2011, including helping to raise over $19.5 million in private and public investment. Our connected ecosystem is why health companies from across Ontario come to ventureLAB for support – we connect them to leading health care organizations and community hospitals to enhance patient care and improve hospital and health care provider operations. Join ventureLAB and get connected to a strong, supportive ecosystem.