Health Ecosphere: Innovation Pipeline and Commercialization Program

Applications due August 28. Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Call for Expressions of Interest
EOI 07-28-2016

Health Ecosphere: Innovation Pipeline is your opportunity to present innovative solutions to solve a specific healthcare challenge for leading healthcare organizations.

Health Ecosphere: Innovation Pipeline (HEIP) is a multi-partner collaboration led by Southlake Regional Health Centre and ventureLAB.

Healthcare Challenge

Demonstrate an eHealth solution to manage pre- and post-operative educational screening and expectations to:

  • Streamline patient and caregiver instructions before and after surgery
  • Provide consistent instructions and messages that are accessible by patient and caregiver
  • Apply best practices in pre/post-op care to reduce risk of surgical complications
  • Reduce hospital stay without increasing patient risk
  • Ability to track or measure patient readiness for surgery

Why Apply?

  • Explore potential projects that align with interest areas of health care institutions
  • Gain access to support services to aid in commercialization, such as:
    • Privacy Impact Assessments
    • User Interface Design / User Experience Assessments
    • Clinical Trials Design
    • Procurement Specialist/Strategist
    • Health Economist for Business Case/ROI Development
    • Simulation Labs
    • Standards and Certification Testing
    • Regulatory Approvals specialist
    • Technology Development
    • Embedded Executive
    • Marketing / Product Launch Strategy
  • Network with leading institutions and private sector organizations in the healthcare field
  • Potential outcomes: frontline clinical feedback, demonstration sites and joint funding proposals and partnerships
  • Connect with funding agencies and commercialization partners
  • Accelerate development cycle, time to market and business development

How To Apply

Apply at by August 28, 2016, 11:59 p.m. EST.


Key Dates

July 29 – Open Call
August 15 – Informational Conference Call (non-mandatory), 10:00-11:00 am
August 28 – Close Call
August 29-September 9 – Application Review
September 12 – Selection and Notification
September 29 – Pitch Workshop
October 6 – Pitch Day

Applicant Requirements

  • Applicants must be incorporated Canadian Controlled companies with up to 250 employees.
  • The project outcome must sufficiently address the above health challenge.
  • Your solution must be novel and demonstrate advantages over alternatives.
  • Your company must have the team and resources to execute and support your proposed project.

Note: Company must be incorporated for a minimum of 2 years and have a demonstrated track record of success.

Pitch Day Format

Round 1

Selected companies will present their innovative technologies at a Health Ecosphere (HE) Pitch event where HE partners will listen to and evaluate their initial pitches.

Round 2

After the event, HE partners select companies to introduce to their clinical teams for final review and acceptance. The goal is to explore collaborations that solve real hospital problems through technology innovation with high market and investment potential.


Please refer to our FAQ for some frequently asked questions related to the Health Ecosphere Innovation Pipeline and Commercialization Program. For questions not answered in the FAQ, email [email protected].


Applicants must read and agree to the terms outlined in the HEIP disclaimer.