On Tuesday, October 24, ventureLAB President and CEO Jeremy Laurin had the opportunity to address the National Innovation Committee at the invitation of MP Lloyd Longfield (Guelph) with a 90 minute presentation at Canada’s Innovation & Tech Caucus. Among the 22 member panel were representatives from all major political parties, as well as Renee Tavares from Startup Canada.

Jeremy spoke for 40 minutes about ventureLAB’s role within the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs as an innovation hub. By forming partnerships with other Regional Innovation Centres and developing collaborative programming like Health Ecosphere: Innovation Pipeline, Jeremy described ventureLAB’s collaborative spirit as “a rising tide, that floats all boats. Everything we do is in the interest of the entrepreneur, so if a colleague in our network has resources to provide a solution for an entrepreneur, then we’re first to make that connection and recommendation.”

The committee was interested in exploring ways to create better pan-Canadian collaboration among accelerators and incubators and the dynamic Q&A had to be cut short despite interest from the members.

Jeremy has been invited to address the committee with further findings in support of this initiative at a future date. Supporting the positive response, Jeremy’s presentation deck and full audio including the follow on Q&A was prepared as a briefing note to the Prime Minister. 

About ventureLAB

ventureLAB exists to support innovative entrepreneurs building scalable tech businesses. With tailored programming focused on Capital, Talent, Technology, ventureLAB is advancing York Region’s innovation economy on a local, national and global scale. Acting as Creative Directors for the IBM Innovation Space – Markham Convergence Centre inside the IBM Canada Headquarters, ventureLAB manages 30,000 square feet, housing over 30 tech companies and 200 tenants.