Another exciting moment for ventureLAB as we celebrate the launch of company Mercartto! Mercartto uses a unique art profile quiz app to give customers a seamless art purchasing experience. Here’s a quick profile of the company that ventureLAB has been mentoring.

What is Mercartto?

Mercartto is the easiest, most fun way to buy original art. The company hand picks every single piece of original art in its collection, choosing the best artwork from partner galleries based on quality, price and media mix. Then, they match customers with a personalized selection of original paintings, prints and photographs.

How does it work?

Using an art profile quiz app, a customer’s “collector type” will be revealed in a fun exploration of personality traits and art style suggestions.

How does Mercartto use technology?

With the art profile quiz app and an option to create simple mockups on images from a customer’s space instantly, on any device.

Mercartto app shown on every device Art Profile Quiz App

What problem does Mercartto solve?

The overwhelming abundance of art options customers face. Through a simplified, online solution, customers can discover a curated selection of original art that matches their personalities provide insight into their art taste and to suggest high quality, hand-picked art served seamlessly on any device, selected with a click or flick of the finger.

How has ventureLAB helped Mercartto?

ventureLAB has been working with founder Alexa Samuels in an advisory capacity for the last four years. She has funded the business largely herself while developing her product, and beta testing, and iterating for the last 18 months to get it right. Through market feedback and ventureLAB’s help, she successfully tweaked her product and strategy for an official launch!

Need some new art? Check out Mercartto!

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