WealthBar acquires Snap Projections, in order to heighten financial advice for Canadians

Chris Udoeyop

October 22, 2019

Snap Projections, a ventureLAB client – was acquired this morning by WealthBar, one of Canada’s prominent wealth management platforms and a subsidiary of CI Financial Group!


Pawel Brzeminski, founder and CEO of Snap Projections said, “WealthBar is an ideal partner because they share our vision of ensuring all Canadians can access professional financial planning. This will allow financial advisors working with Snap to access the best tools on the market allowing them to be more productive, deliver extraordinary value to their clients, and grow through referrals.”


Snap Projections utilizes an innovative financial planning software that allows wealth management professionals customize construct their wealth and retirement plans. Snap is unique due to the high-end capacity of calculating a client’s different  ‘what-if situations’, making forecasting finances much more intuitive and accurate.

Read the full article here!

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