Program Name: Health Technologies Fund

Deadline To Apply: May 9, 2018

Program Details:

The Health Technologies Fund (HTF) supports the development of made-in-Ontario health technologies by accelerating evaluation, procurement, adoption and diffusion in the Ontario health system. HTF is a program of the Government of Ontario, developed by the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist (OCHIS), administered by the Ontario Centres of Excellence. The fund is part of the OCHIS’ mandate is to strengthen Ontario’s health innovation ecosystem. HTF fosters partnerships between publicly funded health service providers (HSPs), patients, academia and industry to drive collaboration that improves patient outcomes, adds value to the health system and creates jobs in Ontario.

Eligibility Criteria:

I) Health Innovation Teams (HITs)
II) Project Eligibility
III) Eligible Use of Funds

I) Health Innovation Teams (HITs):
All proposals must be submitted by Health Innovation Teams (HITs). (refer to HIT definition in B. How the program works)
The health service provider (HSP) organization is designated as the lead applicant and commits to providing the clinical setting in which the innovative technology will be evaluated, including clinician and operations support, project management support, procurement specialists, and patients.

Applicants and their partner(s) must be in good financial and reporting standing with OCE.
Participants will agree to provide project metrics and progress reports to OCE, as well as participating in knowledge sharing activities as required for the Program.

II) Project Eligibility and Activities:

Health Priority Area and alignment with Problem Statement: The health priority areas support the Patients First: A Roadmap to Strengthen Home and Community Care Roadmap, which strengthens the MOHLTC’s commitment to put people and patients first by improving the health care experience.

HTF Projects must include a “Problem Statement” identified by the health service provider (HSP). The Problem Statement must align with one of the health priority areas.

Pre-Market Evaluation projects: technologies must have obtained all required regulatory approvals, received initial user validation, and be ready to be tested with one (1) health service provider (HSP).
Early Adoption projects: technologies must have obtained all required regulatory approvals and be market-ready. Furthermore, technologies must have been successfully implemented with more than one health service providers, and must have supporting institutional use case data, including clinical and economic evidence of value.

The following activities and technologies are not supported in Pre-Market Evaluation and Early Adoption projects:

  • Technology development – only minor updates for integration purposes are eligible;
  • Evaluation, research, and clinical trials of medicines or vaccines;
  • Clinical trials to assess the safety or efficacy of the technology; and,
  • All activities outside of the province of Ontario.

NOTE: All projects must address the potential economic benefit to the technology company resulting from an HTF project should be realized in Ontario (e.g., job creation, incremental revenue, follow-on financing).

Critical Dates:

  • Round 3 Intake Opens March 7, 2018
  • EOI Development Workshop March 21, 2018
  • EOI Submission Deadline May 9, 2018
  • EOI Assessment and EOI ERP Meeting June 2018
  • Invitation to Submit a Full Application July 2018
  • Full Application development workshop July 18, 2018
  • Draft review 1 of 2 (optional) August 1, 2018
  • Draft review 2 of 2 (recommended) August 14, 2018
  • Full Application submission deadline August 16, 2018
  • External Review Panel Meeting September 2018
  • Award notification to applicants September 2018
  • Public announcement of results September 2018

Organizer Name: Ontario Centres of Excellence
Contact Name: Balinder Rai