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Markham, ON
Clean Technology

About TROES Corp.

TROES, established in 2018, is an advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) provider. TROES specializes in developing, designing and delivering smart, cloud-based energy storage systems that integrate our own proprietary technology. 

Problem and Opportunity

After more than a century, the limitations of the centralized energy grid have become an impediment to cleaner, less costly power. There are still 940 million people living in the world without electricity. To overcome those limitations, we are seeing Distributed Energy Resources being deployed at locations much closer to the customer. Our goal at TROES is to enable mid-size customers to participate in this transition; we do this by bringing a state-of-the-art hardware and software energy storage combination to commercial, industrial and institutional power consumers.

What Makes Us Unique

Safety is our number one priority. TROES batteries have passed more than 30 safety tests. Our systems are more adaptable, offering the ability to be coupled with different renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or off-grid. TROES focuses on small to midsize companies in the commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) markets. Our system works in increments of 10kWh paving the way for modularity while keeping costs minimal.

Company Highlights


The Ask

We are looking for small to mid-size companies in the commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) markets that want to change the future by implementing battery storage coupled with renewable energy.


Vienna Zhou

Co-Founder & CEO

Dennis dos Santos

CFO and VP of Corporate Development

John Manalis

Senior Marketing Executive
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