Primped Beauty Technologies Inc. (“Primped”) is an online marketplace that connects predominantly women throughout the city of Toronto to freelance beauty professionals (or “beauty pros”) for in-home (or office, gym, etc.) service across a wide range of beauty and self-care needs including nail maintenance, hair styling, and waxing.

Primped is currently in Beta and gaining some traction. The Co-Founders bring strong business skills but require a technical co-founder to provide the essential technical skills needed for the business to grow. Equity will be provided until the company can afford to also compensate all Co-Founders with salaries.

“We’re looking for someone who can manage the development of our iOS mobile app with a third-party contractor or even complete it personally. We would like to make some website upgrades and would prefer to complete these in-house, so web development experience is required. We’re looking for someone who has worked in some capacity for a start-up that has a mobile app central to the business. Marketplace experience would be considered an asset. We have no preference for senior or junior talent pending the candidate possesses the above skillsets. A more detailed job description can be provided on request.”

Contact [email protected] for more information.