On Sunday, November 26, 2017, ventureLAB company Ripple Farms was awarded $5000 for the William G. Davis Innovation Award. The fund supports innovative thinking and initiatives from aspiring visionaries, artists, humanitarians or entrepreneurs who want to leverage their college education to start something amazing. The first-place winner will receive $15,000 to help fund the initiative. The second place winner receives $5,000.

Ripple Farms brings the Farm to the city, using aquaponics tethered to vertical growing technology to increase capacity of highly nutritious produce and fish in a fraction of the space. The Ripple Systems are semi-portable, have the ability to run off-grid, and require less labour to run at full efficiency – making the case for remote activations.

Ripple Farms was founded by Steven Bourne and Brandon Hebor, working closely with Seneca HELIX to grow their business. ventureLAB has also provided additional supports and introductions to the innovation community, leading to more collaborations for the company.

Co-founder of Ripple Farms, Steven Bourne, took a few minutes to chat with ventureLAB about the award and what it means for his company going forward.

What does it mean for Ripple Farms to win the William G. Davis Innovation Award?

Ripple Farms was proud to be honoured as Second Place winner. It’s a source of validation that, not only are we succeeding as a viable business, but ‘purpose driven’ companies like Ripple Farms are being highlighted for their efforts in making systemic change in the areas of social and environmental injustice.

What do you attribute your team’s success to?

We love what we do, no matter how long the days are, we still wake up with smiles. The true success has come from everything/everyone behind the scenes, from our mentors that coach us in the right direction, to all of our amazing partners and continued support – hard work pays off.

How have ventureLAB and Seneca HELIX helped?

ventureLAB and Seneca HELIX have been champions of Ripple Farms since day one, nothing but support from everyone involved. It’s really been the connections and collaborations that come from both these incubators that have opened so many doors for us.

What does Ripple Farms plan to do next?

Nothing has changed, really. We have a strategic vision in place and are making sure we stay on track – moments like these give us some validation to our vision and are great highlights in the ongoing journey of Ripple Farms. Hoping stories like this inspire others to take the leap and start purpose driven companies.

Learn more about Ripple Farms here.

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