From our colleagues at MaRS:

What is the Studio Y fellowship?

Designed for young professionals, the Studio Y Fellowship is a residency-based leadership program that also offers a full-time placement option.

Our flexible eight-month program develops leaders through intensive workshops, project work, coaching and mentorship.

Our 25 Fellows come from across Ontario to receive guidance from leading experts at MaRS, as they address complex challenges in four cluster areas.

The Fellowship curriculum

Our core curriculum teaches Fellows the foundations of systems leadership, by employing lateral thinking, drawing from different disciplines and bridging theory with practice. Flexible programming and experiential learning are applied.

Experiential learning

The Studio Y fellowship runs part-time September through May. Fellows divide their time between various learning avenues.

Financial support and funding

A $8,000 personal stipend is provided, plus access to project funding for prototype development, testing, and implementation. Fellows who choose to complete a placement will receive additional funding for a total of $30,000.

The Theme Areas

Fellows work in MaRS’ four theme areas:

  • Health
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Finance and Commerce
  • Work and Learning

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