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Pond Technologies

Pond Technologies designs and operates scalable bioreactors that use society’s most abundant product – industrial greenhouse gases – and specialized growing systems to cultivate algae and other crops. These systems effectively close the carbon loop and create wealth from waste.


Pond’s mission is to combine technology with the power of nature to tackle climate change and food insecurity.


With the support of ventureLAB, Pond has raised over $35 million since its inception in 2009, and grown from 4 to over 20 employees. In January 2018, Pond became a publicly-listed company, and in October 2018 broke ground on its first commercial-scale facility at Markham District Energy. This will be the world’s first commercial installation to capture and convert industrial emissions into valuable nutraceutical end-products.


Pond is currently enrolled in ventureLAB’s Capital Investment Program. Says Pond CEO Steve Martin, “Over the last few years, ventureLAB has proven to be a valuable resource in our fundraising efforts.”


Semifinalist, Carbon X-Prize – 2018

Winner, “Clean 16” Award – 2018

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