ventureLAB company TieiT based out of Newmarket had the opportunity to speak on a panel at Tech Day on Parliament Hill last week and shared their experience with us as leaders on the cutting-edge of Canada’s tech economy.


This post was written by Jessica Rawlley, President of TieiT.

Each fall for the past three years, tech companies have headed to Ottawa for Tech Day, an invite-only event that connects tech CEOs with policy decision-makers on Parliament Hill. Newmarket-based ventureLAB company TieiT,was invited to speak on a panel about the future of Canada’s tech economy. TieIT is a company with a software that is redefining how teams work with each other to improve efficiency, engage with contacts and importantly, utilize data from all business aspects in one easy to use application.

The panel, which also consisted of the VP of Salesforce, Policy Analyst from Uber and CEO of ventureLAB company Sterilecare, “provided a great platform to share knowledge,” says Jessica Rawlley, Co-founder and President of TieiT. “We have experience working with U.S. based organizations, and many of our TieiT users are in the U.S.,” she says, noting that experience has provided perspective on how Canada can do better and where it’s already ahead of the curve.

“For example, Ontario (and York Region especially) is doing a great job focusing on youth to ensure our next set of leaders are well prepared. We were able to speak from experience about being a Canadian company, innovating, growing and staying local and the success we are having. Most of TieiT’s user-base have converted over from Salesforce. So drawing the standing ovation for our closing remarks while sitting next to the VP of Salesforce and having attendees afterward come by marvel at TieiT was very rewarding.”

While in Ottawa, the TieiT team also had the chance for constructive discussions with some Ministers of Parliament as well as a Senator and heads of other Federal programs, says Rawlley. “All were enlightened and impressed to hear about the innovation happening in our backyard which sometimes gets overlooked by the media attention on U.S. based companies.”


Who is TieiT?

TieiT is an all-in-one online platform that is bringing together teams and data in one system. We had a challenge in our business because we never had a clear picture of our sales projections, how effective our marketing campaigns were performing or where we were falling short on our invoicing. We tried to sign up for multiple different applications to solve this challenge, but we still faced the same underlying problem. Our data was spread across these different systems, and our teams were all operating out of different applications. TieiT solves this problem by having all the sales, marketing and business management tools built-in to one system. We do not rely on integrating third party systems, instead we took a very data-first approach to ensure that our users get a proper snapshot of where their business is from all aspects. TieiT is made up of a CRM, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sales Pipelines, Drip Campaigns, Landing Page Builder, Web Forms, Scheduling App, Website Analytics, SMS Marketing and more.