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At ventureLAB, we collaborate with industry, academic, government and innovation partners to build a thriving tech ecosystem that supports innovative entrepreneurs and stimulates Canada’s economy. Through programs, workshops and events, and leveraging our strong network, we develop strategic partnerships that drive these goals. Meet some of the ventureLAB Partners below and learn about our collaborative programs.

We welcome collaboration! To work with us, contact Jane Gertner, VP of Partnerships & External Relations at [email protected]

Strategic Programs

The IBM Innovation Incubator (I3) Project

The IBM Innovation Incubator (I3) Project is focused on accelerating the growth and global expansion of Ontario’s small and medium-sized enterprises.

By offering IBM’s advanced cognitive and cloud computing technology infrastructure and worldwide business, design and technical resources, the success of the project will be driven by significant job creation, revenue growth and an increase in exports to overseas markets.

Health Ecosphere: Innovation Pipeline

The Health Ecosphere: Innovation Pipeline is a multi-partner collaboration led by York University, and Southlake Regional Health Centre.

Along with University Health Network, the partners work with businesses and other research institutes to develop personalized healthcare technologies and state-of-the-art enterprise solutions for customized health management and care.

Technologies include healthcare apps, medical devices, and big data platforms. These solutions will provide connected and coordinated care across the system by integrating previously segregated markets; helping patients with chronic disease change their behaviour; and, leveraging big data analytics to develop and commercialize predictive health solutions, leading to improved outcomes for patients and reduced health care costs.

Strategic Programs Impact

46 ventureLAB clients have raised more $38 million to date.
ventureLAB’s capital investment program has supported 91 companies with  580 employees  seeking more than $121 million from 20 Investment Groups.

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