ventureLAB is thrilled to share Dash MD’s most recent success, a $250,000 investment from the Waterloo Wellington LHIN. This news is phenomenal and we couldn’t be more proud of how rapidly this company has brought their product to market! It is clear that the need for Dash MD’s post-care solution is a necessity in Canadian health-care facilities and this investment just goes to show how essential it is.

Read the press release below to learn more or visit the Dash MD website to download the case study.


Waterloo Wellington LHIN Announces Funding for a Mobile App to Help Patients Coordinate Their Health Care

Waterloo, ON – The Waterloo Wellington LHIN announced $250,000 in funding today for Dash MD to develop a local version of a mobile app that helps patients take charge of the health information related to their primary care or hospital care. One feature of the mobile app is connecting hospital patients to the appropriate aftercare information they need for a successful recovery.

One of Dash MD’s founders, Zack Fisch shared his personal story about when he broke a leg and developed complications after leaving the hospital. Zack was motivated to spare others from his own experience of almost losing a leg. He is the co-founder of the Dash MD mobile app that patients can download and use for their primary care, or after being discharged from the hospital. In addition to giving  patients detailed instructions for their ongoing health care, it tells them what to do if certain symptoms develop. The mobile app can also be used to manage appointments and remind patients to take medications.

There are distinct benefits for patients who use this digital technology to manage their health care. They do not have to rely on verbal or paper instructions they receive from their primary care provider, or when being discharged from the hospital. Instead, when they download the mobile app, the resources they need to help with their health care are readily available at their fingertips. Patients in Waterloo Wellington will have access to the Waterloo Wellington LHIN Dash MD mobile app later this year.

“We are harnessing the tremendous potential of technology to improve patient outcomes in the health system, including when patients are discharged fom the hospital. We’re very excited to be partnering with Dash MD to bring real-time local health information to patients through a mobile app that will be free for them to use.” – Bruce Lauckner, CEO of the Waterloo Wellington LHIN.


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