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Are you looking to build, grow, or scale your tech company? ventureLAB has helped over 2,000 tech companies do just that.


Through our tailored programs focused on capital, talent, technology, and customers, we work with our partners, innovators, and tech leaders to help companies build globally competitive businesses.

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Enterprise Software

Is your company

the right fit?

To work with ventureLAB, your company must meet our criteria:

  • Align with one of our key sectors: Hardware & Enterprise Software, Health, Advanced Manufacturing (including Environment & Clean Tech), or FinTech
  • Be an incorporated company in Canada
  • Have a business (CRA) number

Early Stage

Early stage companies are those at the Ideation/Discovery stage can benefit from ventureLAB’s Business Fundamentals programs, which offer workshops, clinics, and events on business fundamentals that help companies build, grow, and scale their businesses on topics including sales, finance, marketing, technology and product development, and more.


Early stage companies criteria:

  • Ideation/Discovery stage
  • Has an idea for an innovative product or service
  • Talking to prospective customers
  • Focused on product launch
  • Has a business model
  • Coachable founder
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Growth Stage

ventureLAB programs for Growth stage companies include Accelerated Growth, IBM Tech Accelerator, Investment Readiness Clinic, and more.


Growth stage companies criteria:

  • Validation/Early Efficiency stage
  • Has an innovative product or service
  • Has customers
  • Roadmap to $1M revenue within three years
  • Coachable team with at least two members
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Scale Stage

ventureLAB programs for Scale stage companies include Capital Investment Program, Accelerated Growth, and more.


Scale stage companies criteria:

  • Efficiency/Scale
  • High-growth business model
  • Customer validation/product market fit
  • Over $500,000 annual revenue
  • Roadmap to $25M revenue in 5 years
  • Coachable team with at least two members
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York Region Resources

Don’t meet the criteria to work with ventureLAB but looking for office/co-working space or startup support? Check out our York Region Resources for space in the region that might better suit your needs.


While we’d love to help everyone, there are some companies and industries we unfortunately cannot serve. Regrettably, we cannot support:

  • Non-tech companies
  • Consultants
  • Service providers

If your company falls into one of the above categories, check out some York Region Resources for a list of organizations that might be better suited to help you.

York Region Innovation Resources
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