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One of Canada’s key innovation engines and an economic powerhouse, York Region is home to a unique and exceptionally diverse network of accelerators, incubators, startups, small and medium sized enterprises and multinational corporations.


The YR Innovation Portal is the official online hub of York Region’s innovation and startup ecosystem.  Here you can find jobs, learn about events, read stories on business leaders and other exciting news from the innovation ecosystem in York Region.

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There is a flourishing climate of creativity and a strong startup culture in York Region. There are many different innovation resources available to help entrepreneurs and startups grow. Whether you’re in the early stages and need a place to incubate your idea, or you need a push to help scale-up your existing venture, York Region is the place to launch your next big idea.


The Regional Innovation Centre, ventureLAB, provides mentoring and programming to high-growth startups. Since 2011, companies supported by ventureLAB have raised more than $100 million in capital funding.


Entrepreneurs can incubate their ideas with the help of Seneca’s HELIX, YSpace or CreateIT Now, an incubator at SouthLake Regional Hospital specializing in health care, York University’s YSpace and many others.


There also four Small Business Enterprise Centres providing business advisory services and training to business owners that are not building technology companies.


Makerspaces across the region provide access to 3D printing and other tools and technology to get your innovative design into prototype and testing.


All of these resources and more are listed on the map below.


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ventureLAB is creating an equitable tech ecosystem that empowers women founders.