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Questions? Check in with the Marketing and Communications team at [email protected].

We help entrepreneurs BUILD high-growth, innovative, scalable businesses.
Where entrepreneurs create real businesses. 

We will do this by working with the community and stakeholders to create a vibrant environment where innovation can thrive and entrepreneurs can launch and build sustainable businesses.

We listen with intention to individuals, industry and environment to find the best solutions for each member of our community.

We anticipate the needs of our clients, partners and community and develop proactive plans to meet them creatively and quickly. You communicate openly, often.

We seek out ways to connect authentically with each other and with each individual member of our community. We are present in every moment and we speak truthfully. We are respectful and authentic to ourselves.

The ventureLAB annual review celebrates some of  our success stories of our entrepreneurs and their endeavours, as well as our own journey and growth, and provides an overview of ventureLAB’s yearly numbers, programs and partnerships.

Download ventureLAB’s Annual Reviews:

2016: ventureLAB 2.0

2015: Impact

2014: Strengthening the Foundation Through Partnerships

2013: Alignment

2012: Mapping the Journey and Celebrating Entrepreneurial Milestones




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Annual REviews