CoHealth Announces the Launch of CoHealth 2.0

May 17, 2019

CoHealth announces the launch of CoHealth 2.0

Since the founding of CoHealth in 2015, CoHealth has continuously prioritized the needs of patients and care providers to improve patient support, care, and understanding, while promoting smooth transitions of care throughout the patient journey. Today, CoHealth is delighted to announce the launch of CoHealth 2.0, a tool that will transform the healthcare landscape by putting patients first. CoHealth 2.0 has been built from a patient-centric perspective in a way that promotes active care management and support alongside access to sources of community care.

By helping patients more effectively navigate care journeys, CoHealth opens up opportunities for care providers to generate meaningful insights and a deeper understanding from the patient perspective, promoting greater reporting and feedback capabilities when compared to traditional patient feedback resources.

You can learn more about CoHealth 2.0 ​here​.

A key list of improvements in CoHealth 2.0 include:

  • A completely overhauled user experience to promote easier care management and coordination.
  • A focus on patient empowerment through the ability to add multiple care organizations and access more information and support (ie. hospitals, primary care, allied healthcare).
  • Greater reporting capabilities for care providers in the form of patient experience and patient reported outcomes data.
  • Enhanced access to community care resources for patients in order to promote greater adoption of healthcare resources at home and in communities.

CoHealth 2.0 will be live on app stores as of the week of April 1, 2019. Existing users of CoHealth will be prompted to update upon release to app stores without any disruption to existing service.

About CoHealth

CoHealth is built for patients by patients. Zack Fisch Rothbart, CEO & Co-Founder developed a preventable complication post-surgery that nearly resulted in his leg being amputated. This experience inspired him to want to make an impact in the healthcare system.

Since then, CoHealth’s platform has been launched in over 30 care organizations across North America and has serviced tens of thousands of patients in 80 different care continuums. The platform has demonstrated a meaningful impact in improving patient experiences and outcomes, while reducing costs for care providers and healthcare networks.

For further information please contact: Zack Fisch Rothbart
CEO & Co-Founder, CoHealth

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