COVID-19 Collaboration Platform

March 31, 2020

Do you have a complete solution, or in need of collaborators in order to fight the impact of COVID-19?



Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) is identifying the innovative technologies, SMEs and experts from across the province to help fill the current product and service gaps related to COVID-19. If you have a piece of the puzzle – whether it is an asset, a technology or a product – and are looking for collaborators to assist your efforts, they want to hear from you.

Some of the pieces of this puzzle, include, but are not limited to, the following:

I Am Looking for / I Can Provide:
Advanced Materials
Production and Cleanroom
AI/Data Solutions
Protective gear
Vaccine/medicine/virus detection/sensors
Sterilization/clean room
Quality control, certification, regulatory, labeling/marking/packaging
Logistics, remote healthcare, tools, services
3D printing
Clean room capability
Sterilization capability
Plastic processing
Metal processing
Electronic assembly
General fabrication, assembly and packaging



If your business or organization can help communities withstand the pandemic and you have a solution, the government of Ontario needs your innovation. Among the items requested, include:

 Disposable N95 masks Guard/security services
Disposable surgical masks Nursing services
Nitrile gloves Food services
Vinyl gloves Laundry services
Gowns Accommodation maintenance services
Bottles of hand sanitizer Personal services
Other prevention products IT support services



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