International Women’s Day 2020: TakuLabs

Sanchi Illuri

March 3, 2020

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to the Tech Undivided inaugural cohort. We sat down with these trailblazing leaders to learn about what they do, how they measure success, and what it means to be a leader today. 

Karen Wong is the Founder of TakuLabs. TakuLabs is the only POS for retail that increases footfall in brick & mortar stores.

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What are three words to describe your company culture?

Trust, determination, and audacity.


How do you measure success?

Corporate success? If the path forward is getting easier. That means ever more happy staff and happy customers.

Personal success? When I was younger it was two silly measures – being financially stable enough to not look at the meter when taking a cab, and being able to afford fancy socks. In retrospect, these were silly and self-centred. Now? It would be disingenuous to say that financial independence isn’t a part of it – but that’s certainly not enough now. Success is being able to take care of my family and health. Both are things I didn’t do enough of in the past.


What does it mean to be a leader today?

We live in transparent times where rapid change is the only constant. If adaptation is now the key to success, leaders need to be the ethical signposts of companies.


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