Career Recharge Participants Experience Virtual Reality

March 10, 2020

Virtual reality company and HELIX venture, InStage, made a special appearance at Career Recharge during last month’s Data-informed Decision Making workshop.

The Toronto-based company offered Career Recharge participants the opportunity to practice their interview skills and review their performance through a virtual simulation of an interview. InStage’s virtual reality training helps individuals deliver better presentations and interviews.

“It was a very useful tool,” says Samer, a Career Recharge participant. “It was a great experience.”

Career Recharge offers exclusive opportunities, such as virtual reality sessions, to help participants succeed in their career.

Career Recharge hosts free workshops every other Tuesday at Seneca’s Newnham Campus. The program have helped over 1,900 participants succeed professionally through free workshops, resources and networking opportunities.

To join an upcoming workshop or to learn more about Career Recharge, please visit their website.

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