The Time to Innovate is Now: ventureLAB hosts second CIP Demo Day

November 17, 2020

COVID-19 has had a domino effect across the innovation ecosystem. In the past several months, there has been an urgency to create, scale, and commercialize solutions that address emergent issues.

Our Capital Investment Program (CIP) helps companies prepare for investment and rapid growth. With a focus on capital, talent, technology, and customers, our tailored-programming enables ventureLAB clients to scale quickly and sustainably. Our team of expert advisors help companies navigate investment pitch strategies, industry networking, and sustainable capital growth plans.

In October, ventureLAB hosted its second virtual CIP Demo Day. Twelve ventureLAB empowered companies pitched to a group of over twenty investors. While some companies were beginning their investment journey, others were looking to close an existing round of funding. We heard excellent pitches from:



Intelense was founded to make emergency services faster and more efficient. With the power of AI, Intelense creates intelligent, cognizant, and responsive cameras to help mitigate security threats for a safer world.

OpenHouse A.I.

OpenHouse.AI has created a platform for homebuyers and builders that makes information accessible to all. A dynamic experience that focuses on personalizing the customer journey guarantees buyers and builders walk away satisfied.

SuiteSpot Technology

Unit turnover, the process by which vacant housing units are made available for the market, is cumbersome and costly. SuiteSpot Trim is an end-to-end automation platform that manages the critical paths needed for unit turnover. It creates a faster, price-efficient process that accounts for resident and employee experience.

Able Innovations

Patient transfers across healthcare facilities can be costly and unsafe. Able Innovations combines empathy and technology with their platform DELTA, which creates a secure way to move patients from point A to point B, minimizing risk and labour costs.


Homewise leverages data-intelligence to ensure that home buyers are getting the best mortgage without the hassle and confusion of traditional processes. Their platform simplifies and tailors the customer experience with automation and predictive technology to save clients time.

Just Vertical

The increasing demand for fresh, local, and sustainable food inspired the founders of Just Vertical to create the AEVA. This personal automated indoor garden uses 95% less water and no pesticides in comparison to more traditional indoor growing. Just Vertical offers customers a way to take control of their food habits.

GroundLevel Insights

GroundLevel Insights is a movement science company that leverages mobile consumer location data to empower business decision making. Their newest product offering, CANATRACE, uses the same AI framework to help store-front businesses anonymously track visitors in alignment with COVID-19 precautions.


EAIGLE is a computer vision and AI software company specializing in crowd monitoring. With COVID-19 impacting return-to-work protocols, EAIGLE has applied its AI technology to ensure that businesses, academic institutions and other facilities can safely resume operations without compromising the health and safety of the community.

HyIvy Health

One in three women deal with pelvic health-related issues, and over 227 million women are struggling with a diagnosis that directly impacts their pelvic health. HyIvy provides intelligent and holistic pelvic rehabilitation for women. Their product offerings help treat, monitor and predict illnesses and symptoms as they arise.

BluMind AI

BlueMind AI brings artificial intelligence to edge devices. Their Unified Inference Accelerator (UIA) helps overcome one of the most considerable barriers in AI: power. The UIA allows memory storage and computing to coincide, decreasing power consumption and allowing for AI adoption on the Far Edge.

Mero Tech

Cleaning staff are one of the world’s most valued back-to-work assets but rely on outdated technology. Mero is building a healthier future by empowering cleaners with the data and information they need to create safe and sanitary environments.

TipTap Pay

TipTap Pay is working to replace cash and coin with the use of their compact wireless receiver As tangible currency becomes less common, more transactions are going digital. TipTap Pay captures this migration and offers a simple solution that works with existing technology to accept digital payments.

Several of these scale-ups are applying their pre-existing technologies to new solutions addressing COVID-19 challenges. We look forward to seeing these innovative services and products build-to-scale as each company achieves their funding goals.


Meet our Capital Investment Program lead advisors


Ana Misra, Venture Growth Advisor

An accomplished financial professional and with an exceptional track record of helping clients define their value proposition and achieve their financial and strategic objectives. As an investor and the co-founder of York Angels, she has helped clients with the planning and execution of initiatives to help them create top line growth and improve organizational effectiveness.



Chris Cory, Venture Growth Advisor

Chris has been an active participant in both public and private capital markets for over 30 years. In addition, Chris has also been active as a founder or co-founder of several companies including Markham based, Pond Technologies.



Yuri Navarro, Venture Growth Advisor 

As a founder, investor and policy maker, Yuri has spent the last 15 years working to support the success of early-stage technology companies. He has built a network of over 4000 Angel investors, VCs and family offices globally. As one of the architects of the Startup Visa Program, he is a champion of the Canadian startup ecosystem and innovative models for global startup and investor communities.



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