TROES Chosen by UK Client to Supply Battery Energy Storage Systems for “Virtual Power Plant”

March 31, 2020

TROES Corp. is a Canadian-based, Advanced Battery Energy Storage company, specializing in Intelligent Distributed Energy Storage solutions. Based on LiFePO4 technology, TROES develops, designs, manufactures and delivers safer, longer-lasting, cloud-based energy storage systems that integrate TROES’ proprietary IoT and AI-based modular Battery Packs, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Enclosures and Power Conversion System (PCS). These systems are rigorously tested.


TROES is excited to announce that it has been selected by a UK client to supply three 542 kWh/250kW Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for a Canadian Community Micro –Grid project that will be operated as a Virtual Power Plant for a community in Eastern Canada.


TROES worked with the client to design three specially configured containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) that will enable the client to distribute energy resources across BESS units to offset peak demand and relieve the load on the grid. TROES was able to meet the virtual power plant’s needs due to the modular and scalable design afforded by the architecture of its proprietary battery packs and cloud-based battery management system (BMS).

TROES will provide the partner with UL 1973 certified, environmentally friendly, and transportable 542kWh/250kW containerized BESS units with thermal runaway protection, fire suppression system, and HVAC to suit specific customer space- and usage-related needs.

Congrats TROES!

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