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About Qoherent

Quantum enhancements to machine learning signal classifiers of wireless spectrum.

Problem and Opportunity

The use of radiofrequency spectrum for applications such as communications, situational awareness, and environmental monitoring is becoming increasingly constrained and complex. New generations of wireless infrastructure such as 5G increase this complexity, while new applications of wireless technology (such as autonomous vehicles, drones, smart cities) increase demand.

Radio technology will need to keep up with this complexity and demand, while spectrum remains finite. Intelligent radios – fully autonomous AI-defined radios will be able to recognize spectral activity, adapt to any situation, and collaborate to manage the use of spectrum.

Qoherent is driving the creation of intelligent radio technology, and its current focus is on solving the problem of autonomously recognizing wireless activity in a complex spectral environment.

What Makes Us Unique

Qoherent excels at the combined use of software-defined radio, machine learning, and heterogeneous (including Quantum) computing. Qoherent’s team was founded by experienced managers from the RF test and measurement industry and machine learning experts.

Qoherent’s focus is on providing solutions to spectral recognition problems while elevating the ecosystem with a “full-stack” toolset for building intelligent radio technology.

Company Highlights

The Ask

We are looking to partner with advanced researchers within telecom, government, or defense who are focused on spectral recognition work. Qoherent can partner on use-case co-development and implementation, can supply design tools for radiofrequency machine learning development, and can be the design partner on machine learning signal processing applications.

Qoherent is also interested in speaking to qualified investors who are interested in:


Ashkan Beigi

Ash Beigi

Founder and CEO

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