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Veer AI

Toronto, ON
Digital Media & ICT

About Veer AI

We help retailers understand their customer behavior to target them with targeted offers to influence their journey, increase revenues and optimize marketing budget.


Problem and Opportunity

Small and medium sized retailers don’t have the ability to process their data efficiently and in an affordable way and are unable to segment them. They don’t have budgets for customized solutions, consultants, or to hire their own data science team.

Email marketing is at all time high given the current situation with government mandated lockdowns. It’s hard to stand out without personalized solutions.


What Makes Us Unique

After talking to users and working in the industry, we realized that many companies provide product recommendations, but many retailers do not understand why this is important. Recommendations specifically and machine learning algorithms in general can be perceived as “black-box” (quote from one of our clients) and we focused on building our product around explaining customer behaviour.

Company Highlights

The Ask

We are looking to partner with agencies that service retail clients and retailers that use Shopify and WooCommerce and are focusing on client loyalty and retention.


Fatima Khamitova

Fatima Khamitova

CEO & Founder

Jiachen Yao

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