Studio 1 Labs

Sanchi Illuri

April 1, 2019

This post is part of a series for Health Innovation Week 2019, during which we’re featuring some of our health technology companies. Find other companies in the list here.

Studio 1 Labs is a Canadian technology company with worldwide patent review inventiveness of fabric sensor technology, used for an intelligent bed sheet patient monitoring system to measure vital signs without requiring any attachments to the body.

They have made an intelligent bed sheet that can accurately monitor patient health and vital signs without requiring any attachments to the body.

Studio 1 Labs defines a culture of innovation and opportunity for exponential technologies. They develop complete solutions in-house including fabric sensors, hardware electronics, software applications, and advanced analytics.

“Innovative healthcare starts from the comfort of your own home. Nothing intrusive, no video cameras, wires, or attachments to the body. That’s what we’re building with our partners.”

Innovation is about progression and adaptability to changing needs. Our work is important to address the modern complexity of healthcare needs. Without innovation, quality of life deteriorates.”

Edward Shim, Managing Director and Co-Founder

ventureLAB has supported close to 350 health tech ventures since 2011, including helping to raise over $19.5 million in private and public investment. Our connected ecosystem is why health companies from across Ontario come to ventureLAB for support – we connect them to leading health care organizations and community hospitals to enhance patient care and improve hospital and health care provider operations. Join ventureLAB and get connected to a strong, supportive ecosystem.

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